Mission Statement


The Faculty of Graduate Studies is dedicated to enhancing the academic and professional experiences of our graduate students. We are pledged to enhancing York’s recognized strengths in graduate education in our many existing disciplinary and interdisciplinary programs and, informed by the objectives set out in the UAP, we are committed to expanding graduate programming in the pure, applied and health sciences so as to ensure that we are recognized as one of Canada’s premier comprehensive institutions. We encourage internationalization and research intensification, uphold York’s reputation for social justice and community engagement, and foster innovative graduate programming across all areas of teaching and research.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies provides pan-university support and leadership for graduate education at York, oversees the governance of and financial support for graduate programs, works collaboratively with other Faculties and units on campus to support excellence and innovation in graduate education at York, and oversees quality assurance for our graduate programs. Our principal objective is to facilitate graduate education and research, ensure that the academic needs of our students are being met and their potential realized, to secure better convergence of the priorities of graduate education and the research activities undertaken by faculty members, and participate in long-term planning for graduate success so as to ensure that York retains its reputation in its traditional areas of strength while enabling additional growth in pure, applied and health sciences.