Student Clubs


York University is home to over 300 student clubs and organizations that fall under various categories including Academic, Advocacy, Charitable, Environmental, Faith-based, Hobby, Political, Professional, and Sports. All student clubs and organizations are accessible in YU Connect, which offers the Co-Curricular Record, a component of the YU Connect system that tracks and logs your involvement outside of class. The Co-Curricular Record complements graduate school, internship and job applications as an official list of your involvement at York University.

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Student Centre

Many student clubs are located in the Student Centre – a central point for community life at York University. It is dedicated primarily to serving the cultural, social, educational, organizational and recreational interests of the York community on a non-profit basis.

The Student Centre is more than just place for students to meet and relax. Several cultural, ethnic, and various student groups organize several exciting programs throughout the year. These groups use the Student Centre as the location for their social events, cultural programs and a variety of other activities.

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