Elia Scholars Program


The Elia Scholars Program is York University’s most prestigious graduate award for incoming domestic or international doctoral students. The Elia Scholars Program enables York University to attract doctoral students of the highest possible caliber, and ensures that those students have the opportunity to participate in York's distinguished graduate programs. This commitment to excellence at the highest level of academic study both commemorates a distinguished benefactor of the university and his family, and reinforces York's reputation for and commitment to excellence.

Value and Duration

  • Up to 3 awards of $30,000
    • Students are eligible to hold additional scholarships, fellowships or assistantships provided by York or received from other sources, so long as their total financial support, including support from the Elia Scholars Program, does not exceed $40,000
  • Up to 4 years of funding available


  • Doctoral
  • Domestic and VISA students are both eligible
  • Selection criteria includes:
    • Academic accomplishments
    • Creativity
    • Commitment to values of liberal education

Graduate Program Responsibility

  • Graduate programs are encouraged to pro-actively contact applicants who are eligible for nomination. Applicants to graduate programs at York may self-identify
    Note: students cannot apply directly to FGS. They must be nominated by their Graduate Program
  • FGS suggests outstanding candidates notify their graduate program director of their interest in the award and provide all documentation no later than February 23
  • Nominate a maximum of two files to FGS in rank order


  • CV
  • Statement of evidence of creativity and commitment to values of a liberal education (one page)
    • Students should use this document to talk about their creative endeavours (creativity writ broadly) and to articulate their beliefs about the value of humanities education to society and the role their humanities graduate training has and will play in their personal and career development.
  • Copy of Admissions file (supplied by graduate program office), and,
  • Letter of nomination (supplied by graduate program director)


How to Apply

  • Students must be nominated by their graduate program.


  • Scholarship Coordinator
    230 York Lanes
    Office of the Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
    (416) 736-2100 ext. 33954
  • Research Officer
    230 York Lanes
    Office of the Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
    (416) 736-2100 ext. 44168