Graduate Development Fund


In recognition of the importance of graduate students’ academic development in presenting their research, the Office of the Dean, Graduate Studies offers the Graduate Development Fund (GDF) to subsidize students’ travel costs to events for presentation of their scholarly or creative work.

  • Applications are reviewed and allocations determined by the Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Allocated funds are posted to the student account (STAC) of each successful applicant after adjudication

Value and Duration

  • Allocation amounts may vary based on the amount of applications and the number of high-expense applications in any given application cycle.
  • Successful applications are generally allocated a portion rather than the total amount of transportation costs. Students are expected to use the most economical option available and are encouraged to seek other sources of funding.
  • Allocations may vary based on distance of travel and mode of transportation. For illustrative purposes only, assuming departure from Toronto:
    • a student presenting a paper in Ottawa might be allocated $50 towards a student rate bus fare;
    • a student travelling to Quebec City might be allocated a $60 subsidy for train fare;
    • a student flying within North America might be allocated a subsidy to a maximum of $250; and/or,
    • a student travelling overseas might be allocated a subsidy to a maximum of $500.
  • Regardless of event dates, the maximum number of allocations provided in a given year (May 1 to April 30) is generally two (2).


Eligible Applicant

  • All registered York graduate students, except for students registered in any graduate program affiliated with the Schulich School of Business

Generally, students must be registered as York graduate students on the date of application and the date of presentation.

Eligible Expenses

  • Transportation costs necessary for York graduate students to present their scholarly or creative work at recognized events, e.g., conferences, colloquia, poster presentations and exhibitions
  • Transportation expenses incurred for travel to/from an event taking place within seven (7) months prior to the application deadline or six (6) months after the application deadline

Ineligible Expenses

  • Costs for transportation to commercial events and/or events for which students are remunerated for presenting
  • Costs for local travel around an event site, e.g., fares for taxis, public transit, ferry


  • There is one competition per year, in Spring
    • The online portion of the 2019 GDF application will be available from Friday, February 1st, until Thursday, February 28th.
    • Completed and signed paper applications must be received by FGS by Thursday, February 28th.
  • Applicants are strongly advised to complete the online portion of the application well in advance of the deadline to give adequate time to obtain the required signature and comments from their supervisor
  • Applications received incomplete or after the published deadlines will be deemed ineligible for consideration
  • Applications received incomplete or after the published deadlines will not be considered

How to Apply

  • Online Application
    • You are required to print the application form immediately upon completion of the online portion
    • Ensure you are able to print before beginning this application. This application cannot be saved for access at a later time. A confirmation will be sent to you by email

Note: It is recommended that you complete the online portion of the application on a computer using a Windows operating system. If you are using an Apple computer, use Google Chrome as your browser.

Application Process

  • The applicant completes prints and signs the application form; if a field does not apply, it is indicated by marking “N/A”.
  • Attach to your printed application, the Graduate Development Fund—Supervisor Attestation (.pdf), signed by your supervisor.
  • The applicant submits the completed application form to FGS with:
    • Call for papers/submissions and/or information on event
    • Confirmation/proof of event acceptance (communication from event organisers, event program announcing the applicant’s participation in a session or exhibition, et cetera); and,
    • Supervisor’s statement and signature.

Required Information

  • Personal information, including student number and graduate program;
  • Details of the recognized event; and,
  • Specific travel details, including date and place of departure and destination, mode of transportation, and estimated cost of transportation.

Allocation Process

  • After the Faculty of Graduate Studies determines allocations, the Office of the Dean, Graduate Studies contacts all applicants by email and posts allocations to successful applicants’ STACs.


  • Graduate Program Office

Last updated January 14th, 2019