Thesis and Dissertation


General Requirements

  • Types of Theses & Dissertations
    • Master’s Theses
    • Doctoral Dissertations
    • Originality of a Thesis/Dissertation
    • Manuscript-based Theses & Dissertations
    • Complex Electronic and Multimodal Theses & Dissertations
    • Language of Theses & Dissertations
    • Style Guides
  • Thesis & Dissertation Proposals
    • Proposal Guidelines
    • Approval Process
    • Approval Timelines
  • Research Ethics
    • Research Involving Human Participants
    • Research Involving Animals, Biohazardous Materials and Other Research Situations
  • Copyright
    • Ownership of Theses/Dissertations
    • Distribution Licences and Confirmation of Originality
    • When to Secure Copyright Permission
    • How to Secure Copyright Permission
    • Sample Text – Copyright Permission Request
    • Citations of Sources
    • Unable to Secure Copyright Permission
  • Intellectual Property

Organization and Technical Requirements

Oral Examination

Final Submission

How to Submit

Research Ethics

  • Forms
    • FGS
    • Tri-Council
  • Procedures
    • Jurisdiction and Scope
    • Publication Mechanisms
    • Procedures for Graduate Courses and Major Research Papers Involving Unfunded Minimal Risk Research
    • Procedures for graduate courses and Major Research Papers involving research that is not minimum risk or that is funded
    • Procedures for thesis and dissertation research involving human participants that is unfunded and minimum risk
    • Procedures for thesis and dissertation research that is not minimum risk or that is funded
    • Record keeping

Thesis and Dissertation Prizes

Thesis Forms