For Supervisors

Budgeting, Hiring & Supervision

The Faculty of Graduate Studies has created tools to help supervisors and research administrators to plan for and support successful postdoctoral visitor positions:

Salary, Benefit and Budgeting Information

Vacation and Leave Entitlements

Job Description Template

Hiring a PDV

  • If you wish to hire a PDV, please contact the Dean's Office in your Faculty to let them know. Your faculty Dean will need to approve and sign off on any postdoctoral hire.
  • Please see detailed instructions/procedures here.
  • Creating a Contract/Letter of Appointment? Please work with the Dean's Office in your Faculty to complete a Letter of Offer for your PDV, to be signed by both PDV and Faculty Dean. For your reference, see: PDV letter of offer template (.pdf)

Tracking Absences and Leaves

Optional Progress Evaluation Template


The tools and templates above are not required procedures, but may be used if desired. They are made available as a service to support best practices for postdoctoral visitorships.