Finding a Supervisor


At the core of a student's program is the formation of a supervisory relationship with a faculty member, along with a supervisory committee. This committee is a way to establish and maintain close contact with faculty members who share similar orientation and interests. While the committee is particularly important when working on the thesis, if it is in place early enough, the members can also act as academic advisors. Within the general parameters of program requirements, the supervisory committee is largely responsible for advising students on a course of study appropriate to their interests, assessing their work and progress, and for professional mentoring.

As a prospective student, you are responsible for seeking out a potential supervisor to help guide your graduate career.

  • Visit the graduate program website in your field and review faculty profiles to identify work that aligns with your research interest(s).
  • Review a faculty member’s membership appointment with the Faculty of Graduate Studies. A listing of members appointed to FGS, including an indication of supervisory eligibility, can be found at Graduate Faculty Membership. For more details about the range of activities which an individual member may be eligible to support, please contact the relevant graduate program.

Faculty Supervisory Eligibility

The FGS website hosts a generic listing of members appointed to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, including an indication of supervisory eligibility. Please visit Graduate Faculty Membership – Current Members for more information.

This listing does not feature research areas or specializations. You are encouraged to visit the appropriate graduate program website for further details on York's various faculty members.