Teaching Commons Offers Fall Tact Courses


Teaching Assistants are cordially invited to register their interest for the TA Certificate in Teaching (TACT) Course. This Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) accredited course is for Teaching Assistants to learn more about teaching in post secondary education. It comprises 5 three hour face to face sessions plus an additional online component (4 online modules).

The course aims to build on your current experience in an iterative way by bringing in new knowledge and skills to enable you to develop your own teaching style; thus making your TA experience easier and more enjoyable. The accreditation you receive helps further develop your CV, which will be used for your future aspirations. The main highlights of the course, as identified by past graduates of TACT, include the opportunity to observe and be observed by a fellow TACT member, receive feedback on your teaching and develop your own teaching dossier.

This FREE Course is available to all Teaching Assistants at York University who will be teaching in the Fall 2014 semester and have experience as a TA on at least one previous course.

Fall 2014 Sessions:

Tuesday September 16, 2014.
Tuesday October 7, 2014.
Tuesday October 28, 2014.
Tuesday November 18, 2014.
Tuesday December 9, 2014.

All Sessions will run
10am-1pm at

York University Keele Campus,TEL Building, Room 1014

Please RSVP by Friday August 1, 2014 (for the Fall).

For more information, please visit the Teaching Commons website.