Teaching Commons hosts International TA orientation sessions

The Teaching Commons invites all new International Graduate Students holding a TA'ship for the 2014-2015 academic year to attend one of the International TA (ITA) Orientation Sessions

These specialized TA orientation sessions will address the Canadian ITA experience here at York University. All ITAs have the option of choosing one of two workshops on either September 3 or 4, 2014. In addition to providing resources and guidance to prepare ITAs for the Canadian classroom experience at York, these sessions will allow ITAs the opportunity to share, discuss and explore how their nationality and cultural distinctiveness can become an asset to the York learning community. These sessions also provide ITAs an invaluable opportunity to connect and network with other ITAs on campus.

To register choose one of the following dates and times below.

This session can count towards a Certificate of Completion. Visit our website for more information on the Certificate of Completion.

If you have any questions about ITA Orientation or Teaching Commons' ITA programming and resources, please contact: Jennifer Bolt jbolt@yorku.ca.

Please note: If you are an International Foundations TA in LA&PS and attending the TA Orientation organized by LA&PS, you are welcome to attend this ITA orientation session in addition to your LA&PS session.