Agenda: March 5, 2009

Meeting of Council


Thursday, March 5, 2009
3:00 p.m.
N940 Ross Building

1. Welcome and Chair's Remarks

2. Faculty Teaching Awards

Citation for Faculty of Graduate Studies' Teaching Awards
Recipients in 2008–2009: Professors Norman Gledhill, Graduate Programs in Biology and Kinesiology & Health Studies and Amir Asif, Graduate Program in Computer Science & Engineering

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting (February 5, 2009) (.doc)

4. Business Arising from the Minutes

5. Dean's Remarks

6. New Degrees

* * * For Approval * * *

a) Proposal for a New Graduate Program Francophone Studies (.doc) (Ph.D.) Letters (.pdf)
Approved at the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee meeting on February 18, 2009

New Graduate Program Proposal

b) Proposal for a New Graduate Program in Information Systems & Technology (.doc) (M.A.)
External support letters (.doc) | Related programs and fields (.doc) | Internal consultation letters PART 1 (.doc) | Internal consultation letters PART 2 (.doc) | Appointment criteria (.doc) | Library support letter (.doc) | Student progress model (.doc) | New course proposals (.doc) | Vice-President (Academic) letter (.doc) | Faculty organization (.doc)
Approved at the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee meeting on October 22, 2008

New Graduate Program Proposal

7. Changes to Admission Requirements

* * * For Approval * * *

Graduate Program in Law

Changes to Master's and Doctoral admissions requirements (.doc)
For non-LLB and non-LLM students, replaces four course requirement with more flexible option of additional courses as determined by director and supervisor

8. Changes to the "Structure, Rules and Procedures of the Council of the Faculty of Graduate Studies"

Changes to Admissions, Petitions Committees; recognition of Appeals & Academic Honesty Committee (.doc)
"That the Faculty of Graduate Studies' Admissions Committee be removed as a Standing Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies' Council."
"That the membership of the Faculty of Graduate Studies' Petitions Committee be increased by two faculty members and one student representative."
"That the Faculty of Graduate Studies formally recognize the Appeals & Academic Honesty Committee as a Standing Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies Council."

9. Curricular Changes

Approved July 11 and September 10, 2008, by the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee's Academic Affairs Subcommittee's Administrative Review, and received for information at the September 17 and October 22, 2008, meetings of FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

Members of Council may, if they wish, arrange to view these documents in the FGS Council office, 283 York Lanes, by calling M. Michael Schiff, Assistant Secretary of Council.

* * * For Information * * *

a) Proposed New Graduate Program Francophone Studies
New Course Proposals
Francophone Studies 6101 3.0: Méthodes de recherche en études littéraires et linguistiques (Research Methods in Linguistics and Literary studies) 
Francophone Studies 6201.3.0: Les grandes figures de l'imaginaire littéraire (Important imaginary figures in literature)
Francophone Studies 6202 3.0: Auteurs illustres de la littérature québécoise (Famous authors in French Canadian and Quebec literature)
Francophone Studies 6203 3.0: Séminaire de recherche sur les théories de la fiction (Research seminar on Theories of Fiction)
Francophone Studies French 6204 3.0 : Interprétation des œuvres littéraires : approches herméneutiques (Interpretation of literary works: hermeneutic approaches)
Francophone Studies 6205 3.0: Écrivains canado-maghrébins en exil ou l'écriture comme mémoire (Canado-North-African writers in exile or Writing as memory)
Francophone Studies 6601 3.0: Séminaire sur l'histoire de la variation du français hexagonal et québécois parlés. (Seminar on the history of variation in European and Quebecois spoken French and French (17th and 20th centuries))
Francophone Studies 6602 3.0: Conséquences du contact des langues : recherches sociolinguistiques et socio-stylistiques sur le français en contact. (Consequences of language contact: sociolinguistic and sociostylistic research into French in contact)
Francophone Studies 6603 3.0: Historical phonological and morphophonemic change: causes and conditionings 
Francophone Studies 6604 3.0: Phonological analysis and representation: levels of abstraction and formalization (French data)
Francophone Studies 6605 3.0: Séminaire en linguistique et langues juridiques (Seminar in legal linguistics and language) 
Francophone Studies 6606 3.0: Séminaire sur l'analyse du discours: continuum entre textualité et oralité (Seminar in discourse analysis: the continuum between textuality and orality)
Francophone Studies 6607 3.0: Séminaire en politiques linguistiques et droits linguistiques en contexte transculturel (Seminar in language policy and language rights in a transcultural context) 
Francophone Studies 5604/ French 6608 3.0 : Séminaire avancé sur la variation et le changement linguistique en français ontarien (Advanced seminar on variation and linguistic change in Ontario French)

b) Proposed New Graduate Program in Information Systems & Technology
New, Integrated Course Proposals
Information Systems & Technology 5205 3.0: "Web Mining"/Integrated with the undergraduate course Atkinson Information Technology 4305 3.0
Information Systems & Technology 5210 3.0: " System Analysis and Design"/Integrated with the undergraduate course Atkinson Information Technology 4010 3.0

New Course Proposals
Information Systems & Technology 6002 3.0: "Directed Reading on Advanced Topics in Information Retrieval"
Information Systems & Technology 6110 3.0: "Workflow Systems and Service Oriented Architecture"
Information Systems & Technology 6120 3.0: "System Requirements Management"
Information Systems & Technology 6130 3.0: " Autonomic Service Oriented Computing"
Information Systems & Technology 6210 3.0: "Advanced Information Retrieval Systems"
Information Systems & Technology 6220 3.0: " Advanced Information Management"
Information Systems & Technology 6230 3.0: "Hospital Imaging Systems"
Information Systems & Technology 6310 3.0: "Research Methods in Information Technology"
Information Systems & Technology 6320 3.0: "Information Technology and Organizational Strategy"
Information Systems & Technology 6330 3.0: "Designing and Building E-Business Applications"
Information Systems & Technology 6970 3.0: "Advanced Special Topics in Information Technology"

10. Senate Synopses

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Summary of Senate meetings of January 22, 2009 (.doc)

11. Other Business

Next meeting of Council: April 2, 2009