Agenda: March 7, 2013

Meeting of Council


Thursday, March 7, 2013
3:00 p.m.
280N York Lanes

1. Welcome and Chair's Remarks

2. Vice-President (Research & Innovation) Robert Haché
Strategic Research Plan Consultation Draft

Interim Dean Barbara Crow asks that councillors be aware that this visit by Vice-President Research and Innovation Robert Haché presents an excellent opportunity to raise suggestions and provide input on the important role of graduate education in the Strategic Research Proposal. The Dean asks that councillors come prepared to contribute to a full discussion.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting (February 7, 2013)

4. Business Arising from the Minutes

5. Dean's Remarks

6.Changes to Degree Requirements

Approved by FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee on February 20, 2013

* * * F o r A p p r o v a l * * *

a) Graduate Program in Business Analytics

Changes to major research project
Proposal | library statement

b) Graduate Program in Environmental Studies

Changes to add a major portfolio option
Changes to thesis option

c) Graduate Program in International Business Administration

Changes in degree requirements: core course requirements
Motions | degree changes | course deletion | new course proposal

7. Senate Synopsis

Summary of Senate meeting of February 28, 2013

8. Other Business

Next meeting of Council: April 4, 2013