Agenda: October 6, 2011



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Meeting of Council


Thursday, October 6, 2011
3:30 p.m.
N940 Ross Building

1. Welcome and Chair's Remarks

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (May 5, 2011)

3. Business Arising from the Minutes

Report on Summer Authority

* * * F o r I n f o r m a t i o n * * *
Approved May 18, 2011, by FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

i) Changes in Degree Requirements

Graduate Program in Nursing
Establishment of minimum grade expectation for the seven core courses in the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Field
Calendar | Overview

ii) Change in Name of Program and Degree Requirements

from Graduate Program in Operations Management & Information Systems
to Graduate Program in Business Analysis Cover | Changes

iii) Change in Name of Program and Degrees

from Graduate Program in Women's Studies
to Graduate Program in Gender, Feminist and Women's Studies

iv) New Full-Time Registration Option

Graduate Program in Law--LLM
Addition of full-time option for the general field option

4. Dean's Remarks

5. The Ontario Health Study at York University

Guest, William Gage, Associate Dean, Faculty of Health

* * * F o r I n f o r m a t i o n * * *


A consent agenda item is deemed to be approved unless, prior to the commencement of a meeting, a member of the Council of the Faculty of Graduate Studies advises the Chair of their request to debate it.

Approved September 21, 2011, by FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

i) Changes to Admissions Requirements

Graduate Program in Social Work
Change to allow more flexibility in admissions of students with degrees in other disciplines

ii) Changes to Degree Requirements

a) Graduate Program in Biology

Change in Degree Requirements
Change to require attendance and presentation at seminars at master's and doctoral levels
Change in preliminary examination and advancement to doctoral study from master's level

b) Graduate Program in Psychology

Change in Area Title and Description
Change from Developmental and Cognitive Processes to Developmental Science

Changes in Degree Requirements
Change to reduce required courses from six half-course equivalents to five half-course equivalents (master's)
Change to reduce required courses from five half-course equivalents to three half-course equivalents (doctoral)
Change in minor paper committee members

iii) Revised Program-specific Appointment and Reappointment Criteria and Procedures

a) Graduate Program in Chemistry
b) Graduate Program in Design
c) Graduate Program in Disaster & Emergency Management
d) Graduate Program in Environmental Studies
e) Graduate Program in Linguistics & Applied Linguistics
f) Graduate Program in Music
g) Graduate Program in Political Science
h) Graduate Program in Social Work

7. Curricular Changes

Approved by Assistant Secretary of Council M. Michael Schiff on August 3, 2011, and received for information by the FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee's Academic Affairs Subcommittee on August 3, 2011, and by FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee on September 21, 2011

Members of Council may, if they wish, view these documents in the FGS Council office, 230 York Lanes, or electronically, by contacting M. Michael Schiff, Assistant Secretary of Council

* * * F o r I n f o r m a t i o n * * *

a) Graduate Program in Biology

New Course Proposal [replaces Biology 5335 1.5: "Microbial Phylogentics and Evolution"]
Biology 5335 1.5: "Concepts and Controversies in Evolutionary Biology"

b) Graduate Program in Computer Science & Engineering

New Course Proposal
Computer Science & Engineering 6340 3.0: "Embodied Intelligence"

c) Graduate Program in Dance

Change in Course Hours
Dance 5602 0.0: "Dance Production"

d) Graduate Program in Earth & Space Science

New Course Proposal
Earth & Space Science 5430 3.0: "Advanced Optimal Estimation Theory and Applications"

e) Graduate Program in Education

New Course Proposals
Education 5315 6.0: "Frameworks for Language and Literacy Theory and Research"
Education 5920A 3.0: "Selected Topics in Psychoanalysis"

f) Graduate Program in English

Deletion of Crosslisting
English 6570 6.0: "City Texts and Textual Cities"/Same as Humanities 6113 6.0

g) Graduate Program in Executive Master's in Business Administration

New Course Proposals
Executive Master's in Business Administration 6510.2.0: "Strategic Management in Non-Market Environments"
Executive Master's in Business Administration 6890 2.0: "Family Enterprises"

Change in Course Title, Description and Pre-requisites
Real Property 6600 3.0: "Real Property Portfolio Management"

Change in Course Title
Finance 5500 3.0: "Analysis Structured Products using Excel"

Course Deletions
Real Property 6400 3.0: "Managing the Development Process"
Real Property 6500 3.0: "Comparative International Property Markets"
Real Property 6700 3.0: "Asset Securitisation"
Real Property 6800 3.0: "Structuring Real Property Transactions"
Enterprise 6600 3.0: "Entrepreneurship & Small Business"
Enterprise 6950 1.5: "Building Electronic Commerce Businesses"

h) Graduate Program in Film

New Course Proposal
Film 5600.3.0: "Internship"

i) Graduate Program in Human Resources Management

Changes in Course Numbers and Titles
Human Resources Management from 6810 to 6910 3.0: from "Career Management: Whose Career is it Anyway?" to "Issues in Human Resources Management: Careers"
Human Resources Management from 6820 to 6920 3.0: from "Work/Life Balance" to "Issues in Human Resources Management: Work/Life Balance"
Human Resources Management from 6830 to 6930 3.0: from "Managing the Contingent Workforce" to "Issues in Human Resources Management: Managing a Contingent Workforce"

j) Graduate Program in Humanities

New Course Proposals
Humanities 6145 3.0: "Jewish-American Relations in Mandatory Palestine and the State of Israel"
Humanities 6146 3.0: "Borders of Knowledge: Metis Thought in International Contexts"

k) Graduate Program in Kinesiology & Health Science

New Course Proposals
Kinesiology & Health Science 6110 3.0: "Critical Thinking About Health Research"
Kinesiology & Health Science 6470 3.0: "Evidence-based Practice in the Management of Sport Related Trauma

l) Graduate Program in Law

New Course Proposals
Law 6907P 3.0: "Intellectual Property Litigation"
Law 6908P 3.0: : "Corporate Remedies"

Change in Course Weight
Law 6021 from 4.5 to 6.0: "Labour and Employment Law in the New Economy"

m) Graduate Program in Physics & Astronomy

Deletion of Integration
Physics & Astronomy 5210.30: "Gas and Fluid Dynamics"/Integrated with Science & Engineering Physics & Astronomy 4120 3.0

n) Graduate Program in Political Science

Political Science 6007 3.0: "Democracy, Capitalism and the Political"/Same as Social & Political Thought 6388 3.0

Change in Course Title and Description
Political Science 6435 3.0: from "Capitalism and Welfare States" to "Capitalism and Social Provisioning"/Same as Sociology 6667 3.0

o) Graduate Program in Psychology

New, Crosslisted Course Proposal
Psychology 6477 3.0: "Interprofessional Psychosocial Oncology: Introduction to Theory and Practice"/Same as Nursing 6477 3.0

Course Deletions
Psychology 6150D 3.0: "Constructivist and Functional Methods in Development"
Psychology 6670 3.0: "The Psychology of Reading"
Psychology 6740 3.0: "Computer and Dynamic Models of Developmental Change"
Psychology 6760 3.0: "The Development of Complex Symbolic Skills"

p) Graduate Program in Social & Political Thought

New, Crosslisted Course Proposal
Social & Political Thought 6692 3.0: " Marxism and Pscyhoanalysis"/Same as Political Science 6092 3.0

q) Graduate Program in Sociology

Sociology 6886 3.0: "Social Dimensions of Legal Discourse"/Same as Socio-Legal Studies 6090 3.0

r) Graduate Program in Theatre

New Course Proposals
Theatre 5400 3.0: "Historical Sources for Designs and Directors"
Theatre 5413 3.0: "Graduate One Design for the Performing Arts"/Corequisites: Theatre 5210 3.0, 5410 3.0 and 5412 3.0
Theatre 6413 3.0: "Graduate Two Ecological Design for Performing Arts"

s) Graduate Program in Theatre Studies

Special Topics Course
Theatre Studies 6350E 6.0: "Summer Institute: Workcentre of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards"

t) Graduate Program in Translation

New Course Proposal
Translation 5190 3.0: "Cultural Translation: Beyond Textual Practices"

8. Senate Synopses

* * * F o r I n f o r m a t i o n * * *

Summaries of Senate meetings of February 17 and March 24, 2011
May 26, 2011
June 23, 2011

9. Other Business

All are invited to remain for the discussion related to the search for the next Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, facilitated by Vice-President & Provost Patrick Monahan

Next meeting of Council: November 3, 2011