Recent York U Alumna awarded the Governor General's Gold Medal for Academic Distinction

Recent Interdisciplinary Studies Master's graduate Leva Rouhani has been awarded the Governor General's Gold Medal for Academic Distinction.

photo of Leva Rouhani in the field

Leva Rouhani in the field

Now pursuing a PhD in Ottawa, her Master's work, "Girls' Schooling Experience in Frankadua, Ghana: A Case Study" was nominated by her committee and the GPD for having demonstrated “distinction in scholarship at York University." This thesis and it's related field work serves as an exemplar for Interdisciplinary Studies — it was enacted, analyzed, written at defended at a PhD level, says Cheryl van Daalen-Smith, Interdisciplinary Studies graduate program director.

Rouhani's thesis explores the extent to which factors such as spatial dimensions, culture, and classroom practices contribute to gender inequality in the Ghanaian education system. She explored the interaction of these factors and examine the roles they play in undermining gender equity in Ghanaian schools.

Van Daalen-Smith says there are two awards per year, one at the Master's level and one at the Doctoral level. "The little program that we are—now boasts the award winner for an MA. A big shout out to Leva's supervisors for their interdisciplinary guidance and support—IS thanks Minoo Derayeh, Pablo Idahosa and Livy Visano.