Council Meeting Agenda April 7, 2016; York University Faculty of Graduate Studies

Meeting of Council

Thursday, April 7, 2016

3:00 p.m.
N940 Ross Building (Senate Chamber)

1. Welcome and Chair’s Remarks

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting (March 3, 2016) (.docx)

3.  Presidential Search Committee Consultation

Advisory Statement - Committees and Councils

4. Business Arising from the Minutes

5. Dean’s Remarks

6. Changes in Degree Requirements

Approved by FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee on March 16, 2016

      * * *   F o r   A p p r o v a l   * * *

Graduate Program in Social & Political Thought
Changes in PhD course requirements:
Change in course requirements from 30 to 24 course credits; maximum of 6 credits as directed reading course(s); no more than 6 credits with 1 faculty member; change to require courses in two fields, with at least 3 credits in the second field; maximum 6 credits as electives
Change in PhD degree options:
Deletion of major research paper option

7. Program Appointment and Reappointment Criteria and Procedures

Approved March 16, 2016, Academic Planning & Policy Committee meeting.

* * *   F o r   A p p r o v a l   * * *

Changes in Program Appointment and Reappointment Criteria and Procedures
Graduate Program in Physics & Astronomy Existing | Proposed

New Program Appointment and Reappointment Criteria and Procedures
Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering New

8.  Rethinking the PhD

Panel discussion:
Chair:  Barbara Crow
Panelists:  Robert Brown, PhD student, Humanities; Christina Foisy, PhD student, Humanities; Markus Reisenleitner, Professor, Humanities

This group has been participating in a national debate on rethinking the PhD in the Humanities and would like to share some of the observations, practices and changes at York University.  See the ways in which York has been participating in this national debate starting with the national call to rethink the PhD, York’s response, and current participation.

White Paper on the Future of the PhD in the Humanities,

PhDs for the 21st Century: Affordances and Disturbances of Interdisciplinarity and Engagement,


9.         Curricular Changes

Approved by the FGS Academic Planning &Policy Committee’s Academic Affairs Subcommittee March 2, 2016, and received by Academic Planning & Policy Committee for information on March 16, 2016

Members of Council may view these items by contacting M. Michael Schiff, Coordinator, Faculty Governance.

      * * *   F o r   I n f o r m a t i o n   * * *

a) Graduate Program in Environmental Studies
New, Integrated Course Proposal
Environmental Studies 6162 3.0:  “International Environmental Law”/Integrated with the undergraduate course Environmental Studies 4880 3.0

New Course Proposal
Environmental Studies 6184 3.0:  “Participatory Research Methods”

Change in Course Number, Title and Description
Environmental Studies 5119 3.0:  “Resource Management” to “Environmental Resource Management”

Changes in Course Titles and Descriptions
Environmental Studies 6132 3.0:  from “Environmental Design” to “Urban Environmental Design”
Environmental Studies 6133 3.0:  from “Plurality and Planning” to “Social Justice and Planning”
Environmental Studies 6178 3.0:  from “Canadian Environmental Policy II” to “Environmental Policy Implementation and Evaluation”
Environmental Studies 6330 3.0:  from “Bioregional Planning Workshop” to “Environmental Planning Workshop”

Changes in Course Titles
Environmental Studies 5121 3.0:  from “Introduction” to “Planning to Perspectives in Planning”
Environmental Studies 5178 3.0:  from “Environmental Policy I: Institutions, Ideas and Interests” to “Environmental Policy: Institutions, Ideas and Interests”
Environmental Studies 6108 3.0:  from “Landscape Ecology in Planning” to “Landscape Ecology and Restoration”
Environmental Studies 6127 3.0:  from “Community Organizing & Development: Theory and Action” to “Community Organizing and Development”
Environmental Studies 6182 3.0:  from “Applied Research Methods: Quantitative Methods” to “Quantitative Research Methods”
Environmental Studies 6183 3.0:  from “Applied Research Methods: Qualitative Methods” to “Qualitative Research Methods”

Course Deletions
Environmental Studies 5016 3.0:  “Protected Area Management”/Integrated with the undergraduate course 4446 3.0
Environmental Studies 5068 3.0:  “Global Justice and Humanitarian Internationalism”/Same as Communication & Culture 5306 3.0/Political Science 4212 3.0/Integrated with undergraduate course Environmental Studies 4312 3.0
Environmental Studies 5108 3.0:  “Methodology in Environmental Studies”
Environmental Studies 5123 3.0:  “Environment and Behaviour”
Environmental Studies 5163 3.0:  “Policy Analysis for Environmental Studies”
Environmental Studies 5599 3.0:  “Readings in Environmental Studies”
Environmental Studies 5599B 3.0:  “Environmental Literatures and Politics”
Environmental Studies 5699 3.0:  “Field Experience”
Environmental Studies 6103 3.0:  “Perspectives in Environmental Sociology”
Environmental Studies 6110 3.0:  “Environmental Ethics”
Environmental Studies 6114 3.0:  “Sustainable Development for Canada”
Environmental Studies 6119 3.0:  “Ecological Restoration”
Environmental Studies 6123 3.0:  “Ecological Approaches to Urban Design”
Environmental Studies 6125 3.0:  “Recreation and Tourism: Planning and Management”
Environmental Studies 6135 3.0:  “Environment, Society & Disease”
Environmental Studies 6137 3.0:  “Women, Development and Globalization”/Same as Gender, Feminist & Women’s Studies 6504 3.0
Environmental Studies 6139 3.0:  “Historical Perspectives on Women and Nature” /Same as Gender, Feminist & Women’s Studies 6303 3.0
Environmental Studies 6143 3.0:  “Political Communication and Environmental Issues”/Same as Communication & Culture 6304 3.0 and Political Science 6165 3.0
Environmental Studies 6147 3.0:  “Humanitarian Crisis”
Environmental Studies 6157 3.0:  “Non-Profit Organizations: If Not for Profit for What?”
Environmental Studies 6163 3.0:  “Science, Policy, and the Legal Process”/Integrated with the undergraduate course Osgoode Law 3360 3.0
Environmental Studies 6166 3.0:  “Communications Law” /Integrated with the undergraduate course Osgoode Law 2005 3.0
Environmental Studies 6180 3.0:  “Applied Research Methods: Policy & Regulatory Studies” /Same as Communication & Culture 6312 3.0 and Law 6690 3.0
Environmental Studies 6189 3.0:  “GIS Applications in Planning and Resource Management”
Environmental Studies 6321 3.0:  “Environmental Planning and Design Workshop”
Environmental Studies 6324 3.0:  “Planning Practice Workshop”
Environmental Studies 6560 3.0:  “Readings in Public Policy”
Environmental Studies 7349 3.0:  “Advanced Topics in Culture and the Environment”
Environmental Studies 7189 3.0:  “Advanced GIS”

b) Graduate Program in Executive Master’s in Business Administration
New Course Proposal
Executive Master’s in Business Administration 6190 2.0:  “Doing Entrepreneurship:  Start-Ups and In-House Ventures”
Executive Master’s in Business Administration 6270 2.0:  “Managing for Resilience”

c) Graduate Program in Finance
New Course Proposal
Finance 5900 1.5:  “Ethical Decision Making for Finance Professionals”

d) Graduate Program in History
New Course Proposal
History 5542 3.0:  “Nature and Society in the Pre-industrial World:  Global Environmental History from the 1400s to the 1800s”

e) Graduate Program in Kinesiology & Health Science
New Course Proposal
Kinesiology & Health Science 6480 3.0:  “Autonomic Function in Health and Disease”

f) Graduate Program in Philosophy
Change in Grading [from pass/fail to graded]
Philosophy 6850 6.0:  “PhD Research Seminar”

g) Graduate Program in Social Work
Change in Corequisites and Prerequisites
Social Work 5310 3.0: “Practicum”/from prerequisite to corequisite: Social Work 5050 3.0 and from co-requisite to prerequisite:  Social Work 5030 3.0
Social Work 5983 3.0: “Narrative Therapy and Critical Social Work”/Prerequisite or co-requisite: Social Work 5150 3.0

10. Senate Synopsis

Summary of Senate meeting of February 25, 2016 (.pdf)

11. Other Business

Next meeting of Council: May 5, 2016