Council Meeting Agenda March 2, 2017; York University Faculty of Graduate Studies

Meeting of Council


Thursday, March 2, 2017
3:00 p.m.
N940 Ross Building (Senate Chamber)

1. Welcome and Chair’s Remarks

2. Faculty of Graduate Studies' Faculty Teaching Award Presentation

Professor Carl E. James, Graduate Programs in Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Social & Political Thought, Social Work, and Sociology

3. President’s Sustainability Council—Sustainability Strategy

Guest:  Professor Martin Bunch

 * * *   F o r   D i s c u s s i o n   * * *

Developing a Strategy for Sustainability @ York (.ppt)

4. Faculty Member Honorifics

Professor Joan Steigerwald, FGS representative to the Senate Executive Subcommittee on Honorary Degrees and Ceremonials

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5. Minutes of Previous Meeting (February 2, 2017) (.doc)

6. Business Arising from the Minutes

7.  Dean’s Remarks

8. Changes in Degree Requirements

Approved at the February 8, 2017 meeting of FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee

* * *   F o r   A p p r o v a l   * * *

a)   Graduate Program in Design (corrected)

Changes in non-routine admissions, Changes in course requirements  (.doc)| Learning outcomes (.docx)

b)   Graduate Program in Psychology

Changes in course requirements (.doc)| Course change (.docx) | Learning outcomes (.docx)

9. Curriculum Changes

Approved by the FGS Academic Planning &Policy Committee’s Academic Affairs Subcommittee on December 21, 2016, and February 7, 2017, and received for information by FGS Academic Planning & Policy Committee on February 8, 2017

Councillors are invited to view these documents by contacting M. Michael Schiff, Coordinator, Faculty Governance.

      * * *   F o r   I n f o r m a t i o n   * * *

a) Graduate Program in Accounting

New Course Proposals
Accounting 6301 3.0:  “Integrative Case Analysis for Accountants”/Corequisite:  Accounting 6160 3.0/Note:  only open to Masters of Accounting students and MBA students pursuing the CPA designation

b) Graduate Program in Business Administration

Course Deletion
Marketing 6951 1.5:  “Strategic Marketing in Asia”

c) Graduate Program in Business Analytics

Change in Course Description
Business Analytics 5150 3.0:  “Skills for Leadership”

d) Graduate Program in Études françaises

New Integrated Course Proposal
Études françaises 5619 3.0:  “Approches en acquisition des langues secondes/Models of Second Language Acquisition”/Prerequisites: Liberal Arts & Professional Studies French 2100 6.0 and at least three credits in language chosen from among Liberal Arts & Professional Studies French 3080 6.0, 3089 6.0, 3082 3.0.  Course credit exclusion: Liberal Arts & Professional Studies French 4120 6.0/Language of teaching: French/Integrated with the undergraduate course Liberal Arts & Professional Studies French 4122 3.0

e) Graduate Program in Financial Accountability

New Course Proposal
Financial Accountability 6850 6.0:  “Financial Accountability Practicum”

f) Graduate Program in Mathematics & Statistics

New Course Proposal
Mathematics & Statistics 6115 3.0:   “Algebraic Number Theory”

g) Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering

Changes in Course Numbers
Mechanical Engineering 8000 3.0:  "Directed Studies in Mechanical Engineering" to
6900A 3.0:  “Directed Study:  Solid Mechanics”
6900B 3.0:  “Directed Study:  Manufacturing”
6900C 3.0:  “Directed Study:  Materials”
6900D 3.0:  “Directed Study:  Fluid Mechanics”
6900E 3.0:  “Directed Study:  Heat Transfer”
6900F 3.0:  “Directed Study:  Thermodynamics and Energy”
6900G 3.0:  “Directed Study:  Engineering Design”
6900H 3.0:  “Directed Study:  Dynamics, Control and Robotics”
6900I 3.0:  “Directed Study:  Biomedical Engineering”
6900J 3.0:  “Directed Study:  Microfluidics and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)”
6900K 3.0:  “Directed Study:  Other Areas in Mechanical Engineering”

h) Graduate Program in Nursing

Change in Course Title, Description and Learning Outcomes
Nursing 5880 3.0:  from “Practice-based Research Proposal” to “Nurse Practitioner Research Development and Knowledge Mobilization”

i) Graduate Program in Public & International Affairs

New Course Proposal
Public & International Affairs 6342 3.0:  “Privacy and Surveillance: Canadian and International Perspectives and Practices”

j) Graduate Program in Real Estate & Infrastructure

New Course Proposals
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6002 0.0:  “Leadership in Real Estate & Infrastructure II”
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6003 3.0:  “Leadership in Real Estate & Infrastructure III”
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6050 3.0:  “Changing Landscapes:  Historical Perspectives on the Industry”
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6080 3.0:  “Creative Workshop”
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6250 3.0:  “Site Planning and Design”
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6350 3.0:  “Investing in Infrastructure”
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6450 3.0:  “Life of a Project”
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6650 3.0:  “Commercial Real Estate Asset Management”
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6780 3.0:  “Case Studies in Infrastructure”
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6650 3.0:  “Commercial Real Estate Asset Management”
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6780 3.0:  “Case Studies in Infrastructure”
Real Estate & Infrastructure 6850 3.0:  “Structuring Development Transactions”

10. Reports and Memos to Senate Committees

* * *   F o r   I n f o r m a t i o n   * * *

Faculty of Graduate Studies' Response to Senate Academic Planning, Policy & Research Committee's Call for Feedback on “Tracking Progress on Objectives” (.pdf)

11. Senate Synopses

    * * *   F o r   I n f o r m a t i o n   * * *

Summaries of Senate meetings of January 26, 2017 and February 16, 2017 (.pdf)

12. Other Business

Next meeting of Council:  April 6, 2017