Comprehensive / Qualifying Examinations


Please contact your Graduate Program Assistant for information about comprehensive/qualifying examinations.


In-person graduate comprehensive/qualifying examinations can no longer be administered until further notice. Programs need to create electronically mediated options (e.g., take home, online via Zoom, blended format). Teaching Commons resources may be helpful in imagining possibilities as well as what is feasible with Moodle and Zoom for written and oral components, where applicable:

Programs may offer to students the option to defer the in-person examination sitting until such time as the in-person cancellation ends; however, at this time there is no possibility of suggesting when that might be.

We appreciate that these decisions can involve Executive Committee decisions and/or membership agreement right when everyone’s focus is on course completion plans; however, students will need clarity about comps/qualifying examination formats for their own decision-making.

Please convey through your GPD, who will forward it to, how your Program will adapt your comprehensive or qualifying examinations to non-in-person formats as soon as possible, so that FGS can support your decisions, be able to identify where the strong challenges may be, and facilitate future queries.