Research Ethics

Instructions for Graduate Students

Graduate Students must submit all required documentation to their Graduate Program Assistant by email. Signatures from supervisory committee members must be collected over email, either through a digital signature on the PDF form or an accompanying email attachment stating “I have read and approved this submission.”

Further information including relevant forms can be found at:

Please note that, subsequent to obtaining ethics approval, prior to commencing any research activities, researchers are advised to review the latest updates on research involving human participants at:

Note: Graduate Students are asked to inform the Faculty of Graduate Studies of any delay or hiatus in research by email to Required information includes the following: name, student number, graduate program, research ethics certificate number, research stop date, and the expected start date for research to resume. For more information on research ethics submissions, please visit the Office of Research Ethics’ Frequently Asked Questions page at:

Instructions for Faculty Members, Graduate Program Assistants and Directors—Visit Here

Further information can be found at: