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Reopening Labs and Research Spaces

York University has laid out its phased return to campus, which includes a carefully staged and gradual ramping up of research, following the provincial government’s Framework for Reopening our Province and York’s coordination of necessary supports.

Courses with a mandatory in-person component are identified when you enrol and can be found here.

Research Ethics

Graduate Students must submit all required documentation to their Graduate Program Assistant by email. Signatures from supervisory committee members must be collected over email, either through a digital signature on the PDF form or an accompanying email attachment stating “I have read and approved this submission.”

Students who need to renew or amend their ethics protocols should fill out these forms:

Further information including relevant forms can be found at:

Please note that, subsequent to obtaining ethics approval, prior to commencing any research activities, researchers are advised to review the latest updates on research involving human participants at:

Note: Graduate Students are asked to inform the Faculty of Graduate Studies of any delay or hiatus in research by email to Required information includes the following: name, student number, graduate program, research ethics certificate number, research stop date, and the expected start date for research to resume. For more information on research ethics submissions, please visit the Office of Research Ethics’ Frequently Asked Questions page at:

Further information can be found at:


The Library has numerous online resources to continue to support academic progression in a remote setting. While the physical library remains closed, e-books, journals, and other resources can still be accessed online. York libraries will not collect late fees for overdue books during the closure. For additional information about Library Services and Operations please go to the library website.

To expand access to content not available online, Scott Library is ofofering safe “curbside pickup” of library materials and services not available digitally.  See here for more detailed information.

Disrupted Research

We acknowledge that for some students remediation will require a one-term extension to your degree programs. These one-term extensions will be on part-time status, free of charge, bearing no tuition or fees. To be eligible a student's supervisor and Graduate Program Director must confirm that your program completion in 2020-21 is unavoidably delayed because your approved research project mandated in-person data collection/production, access to lab/studio space and related equipment, or travel,  for which virtual access through electronic means could not provide an alternative.  Application should occur at the beginning of what would regularly be the final term of your degree, using the FGS Academic Petition Form with appropriate documentation: Instructions and additional information will be communicated to you directly.  They will also be provided on the FGS petitions website and the FGS COVID-19 website.

The York University Emergency Travel Disruption Bursary aims to assist registered undergraduate and graduate York University students (domestic and international) who are currently on international study programs (e.g. exchanges, coops, placements) at a partner university with unanticipated financial hardship during the period from March 1, 2020 to April 30, 2020. It also aims to assist international students with international travel-related expenses due to COVID-19. For more information, go to

For financial assistance during a COVID-specific extension, students may apply to their Faculties for consideration for a MITACS Training Award, Research Assistantship, or other forms of research funding.  The FGS Emergency Bursary Fund also continues to accept applications, and this summer, some students will qualify for federal emergency student benefits:

COVID-19 Extension of Part-time Status: As announced on June 1, 2020, students whose program completion in 2020–2021 is unavoidably delayed because of COVID-related public health restrictions may petition for a one-term extension in part-time registration status, cost-free, bearing no tuition or fee. See our Petitions/Leaves section in Academic Resources for more details.