Summer 2021

York University’s Senate Executive Committee recently approved the extension of the Principles to Guide Fall/Winter Graduate and Undergraduate Course Planning to the Summer 2021 term:

This means that the same approach to course delivery approved for the upcoming Winter term will also apply to the Summer 2021 term. The following process will apply to the Summer 2021 term:

  • Instructors will be polled to identify courses requiring in-person activities or optional learning components.
  • Where remote learning is not able to accommodate course components such as labs, studios or small graduate classes, York will maintain flexibility and make best efforts to accommodate requests for in-person instruction.
  • At registration, students will be informed if a course has a required in-person component.
  • Courses with optional in-person components should also have a fully remote version available to allow students to complete their work online if needed.

Further information is available at