Graduate Student Organizations


Graduate Student Association

Representing over 6,100 full- and part-time graduate students at York University, the York University Graduate Students’ Association (YUGSA) is organized around principles of accessibility, social justice, and equity as it works to improve the learning, teaching, and working environments for all graduate students at York University. The YUGSA is dedicated to providing advocacy and support to all members across various graduate departments on this campus. As a student union, the YUGSA is committed to representing graduate students’ diverse interests and defending and advancing students’ and workers’ rights across and beyond York’s campuses.

Beyond these, and many more campaigns and initiatives, the YUGSA also exists to support our members collectively. The YUGSA offers a variety of services for graduate students. These services include:

  • A health plan for those not covered under collective agreements
  • Academic Funds for conference travel, skills development, and thesis support
  • Dependant Bursaries to ease the pressure of taking care of a dependant while studying
  • Structural funding distributed through departmental graduate student associations
  • The administration of the Grad Lounge and Grad Café (166 & 167 South Ross)
  • Interest-free emergency loans
  • Photocopying and faxing services
  • International Student Identity Cards (ISIC)
  • Advocacy for individual students

Please visit York University Graduate Students’ Association (YUGSA) for more information.

Graduate Business Council

The Graduate Business Council (GBC) is the Schulich student representative council for all master’s level graduate students. The council is made up of twelve executives, each second-year graduate students, elected in the spring of each year by the student body, as well as class representatives from all programs.

Please visit Graduate Business Council for more information.

Graduate Environmental Studies Student Association

The Graduate Environmental Studies Student Association (GESSA) is the student-run organization for graduate students in FES, and is an associate member organization of the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) at York. All graduate students are members of GESSA and are entitled to the use of its resources and services.

GESSA sponsors various student run programs such as Undercurrents, an environmental journal, and the Maloca Community Garden, located in the southwest corner of the York University campus. Each semester, GESSA also sponsors social events and other community building activities. Funding for conferences and research are available through both the GESSA Research and Travel Fund and the GSA.

Please visit Graduate Environmental Studies Student Association for more information.