Award Holders Guide

Award Eligibility

General Information

  • To receive the award funds, award holders must continue to maintain active registration and be engaged in the research for which the funding was offered during the tenure of the award. For awards offered to full-time students, the registration status must be full-time each term.
  • An award may be interrupted when a student takes a leave of absence. For external award holders, the funder’s guidelines with specific conditions and requirements apply, and students considering a leave should consult with their graduate program. For internal awards at York University, an award is suspended during an approved leave of absence from the University .
  • If an award recipient withdraws from the program or otherwise do not maintain active registration, an award may be terminated.

Award Timetable

  • Generally, awards valued at or over $5,000 are paid in three installments over an academic year. Payments are normally posted to student accounts in the first month of each term. Internal awards under $5000 are generally posted in one installment when the award notification is sent, provided that the recipient is registered active in that term.
  • External awards are posted after the funds are received at York University. In a small number of cases when an award is activated late, the first installment may be delayed. Subsequent installments will be posted in the first month of each term.

Award impact on the Fellowship and other student information

  • Tri-council (SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR) and OGS/QEII scholarship holders: if the student's funding includes a York Graduate Fellowship, the value of the Fellowship may be impacted. Please see the Scholarship, Awards and Bursaries section of the funding page:
  • Matching funds awards: If an award is partially matched by the university, the recipient's York Graduate Fellowship may be impacted. For detail, please visit matching funds page:
  • (Updated June 2020) If a student receives an award or a combination of awards totalling $50,000 or greater, their TA assignment will be restricted to 0.5 TAship per academic year. If specific award conditions further restrict TA assignments (such as Susan Mann and Provost Dissertation Scholarships), they are explicitly described in the applicable award terms and conditions provided to the recipient before the award is activated.