CUPE 3903 Lump Sum Fellowship Opt In


In accordance with recent arbitration, FGS has introduced a form to allow CUPE 3903 members to opt into receiving Fellowship payments in the Summer only (of the active academic year) as opposed to over three academic terms.


For a graduate student that opts in to Summer only, a payment schedule may look like this:

  • September 2019—no Fellowship deposited to your student account;
  • January 2020—no Fellowship deposited to your student account;
  • May 2020—any Fellowship for the academic year (less adjustments related to awards/employment) deposited in either a) May lump sum payment or b) evenly over four months (May, June, July, August).

The two options for receiving Fellowship payments are for those that opt in are:

  • In a lump sum at the beginning of Summer Term (May 2020);
  • In four equal installments over May, June, July, August 2020.

Please note that by NOT opting into this feature, Fellowship payments (funded students only) will be received at regular intervals once per academic term.

The Opt-In form for lump sum Fellowship payments will next be made available Summer 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CUPE Opt In mandatory?

No. Do not complete the form if you want to continue receiving Fellowship in instalments by semester.

Can I change my mind about opting in?

If you change your mind before the August 10 deadline, please contact The Opt In will become permanent for the academic year after the August 10 deadline.

How will this affect the way my tuition is paid?

Currently, Fellowship is posted to your student account on or around the date that tuition fees are due (September 10, January 10, May 10). By choosing a lump-sum Fellowship opt-in for summer, you will still be responsible for meeting these tuition fee due dates, but these fees will need to be cleared by other means.

Will interest charges be applied to overdue tuition fees?