Graduate Student Leadership Award in Clinical Developmental Psychology


The Graduate Student Leadership Award in Clinical Developmental Psychology was created to recognize graduate student leadership in the area of clinical-developmental psychology. This award is open to all PhD students in the clinical-developmental program at York University. It is based upon student leadership demonstrated in various domains within the graduate program and in the field of psychology more broadly. It includes:

  • Active participation in student representation (e.g., serving as CD area student representative)
  • Service to the clinical-developmental program (e.g., leadership for practicum days, for the town hall meetings, for the yearly student open house and other student recruitment efforts)
  • Service through mentorship and support of junior students in the CD area program
  • Service to the Psychology Graduate Student Association
  • Service to the profession of psychology (e.g., student leadership in the Canadian or Ontario Psychological Associations)

Individuals may receive the award only once. The award is intended to be given annually.

For more information, please contact the Graduate Program in Psychology.


Graduate Program in Psychology
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