The John A. Price & Joan Rayfield Fieldwork Award


The John A. Price & Joan Rayfield Fieldwork Award will be given annually to a MA or PhD student in the Graduate Program in Social Anthropology.

John A. Price was a former student of Warren d'Azevedo's at the University of Utah. His MA and several published monographs (Washo Economy; The Washo Indians: History, Life Cycle, Religion, Technology, Economy and Modern Life; Washo Cultural Change; Washo Prehistory: A Review of Research; Some Aspects of the Washo Life Cycle) were based on his field work as an anthropologist with the Washo Indians of Nevada and California in 1961. He earned his Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Michigan in 1967 based on research on Japanese market systems. In 1970, he directed an ethnographic field school based on diverse communities in Reno for San Diego State University, which resulted in Twelve Doors to Reno. He was a professor of Anthropology at York University in Toronto, when he died in 1988. This fieldwork Award is created in his memory.

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