Graduate students must maintain continuous registration in all terms — Fall, Winter and Summer — until graduation, subject to the time limits stated in Current Students – Regulations, and must pay the appropriate term fee.

You must register and accept your fees before the posted deadline; late registration will result in a $200 late fee. Please visit Registrar's Office - Registration and Enrollment in order to register. You will need to sign into your Passport York account to complete your registration.

Note: The Faculty of Graduate Studies does not require an enrollment deposit. By accepting your fees online, you are deemed to be registered. (Please note: this does not apply to the School of Social Work.)

Students are expected to remain in the category of registration to which they are admitted unless a change of status is approved by their Graduate Program Director and the Faculty of Graduate Studies. A change of status for a term must be made prior to the start of term.

Change of Status Request

To request a change in status, you must complete an Academic Petition Form or a Program Approval Form and return it to your Graduate Program Office. Please note any change in registration status will affect your funding; before initiating your request, consult with your graduate program and review Current Students - Regulations.

Academic Petition

Please complete an Academic Petition Form (.pdf) for the following:

  • Authorization to pursue graduate studies at a location other than York
  • Change of registration status
  • Extension of program time limits
  • Leaves of absence
  • No course available petition
  • Reinstatement
  • Reinstatement to defend
  • Waive a program requirement
  • Other

Program Approval

Please complete a Leave of Absence—Elective Form (.pdf) for the following:

  • Elective leave of absence
  • Maternity leave
  • Parental leave

Withdrawal from Program of Study

Please complete a Program Withdrawal Form (.pdf) to withdraw from the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and submit it to your graduate program office.

Note: Withdrawing from a course or dropping a course does not constitute official withdrawal from the program; graduate students pay fees per term, not per course.