Visiting Student Opportunities


Ontario Visiting Graduate Student (OVGS)

OVGS - Application

The OVGS plan allows a graduate student registered at a university in Ontario (Home University) to take graduate courses at another Ontario University (Host University) without completing further admission formalities. The student pays fees to the Home University and is classified as visiting at the Host University, where he/she pays no fees.

The student must complete the Visiting Graduate Student Application Form (.pdf), ensuring that all requested information is clearly indicated. He/she must then obtain approval for the courses requested in the sequence specified on the form.

York University graduate students may complete up to 6 credits in coursework under the OVGS Plan towards any one degree program.

OVGS - Withdrawal

York University graduate students wishing to withdraw from an OVGS approved course at another Host University must complete an Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Withdrawal Form (.pdf), ensuring that all requested information is clearly indicated.

Prospective Students to York University

If you are a graduate student at another university and are interested in taking courses at York, please visit Prospective Students – Visiting Student Opportunities.