Student Funding & Employment

Understanding your Student Financial Services (SFS) Account

Graduate students must maintain continuous registration in all terms — Fall, Winter and Summer — until graduation, subject to the time limits stated in Current Students – Regulations, and must pay the appropriate term fee.

When you register for Fall term, unless it is your final term of study, you automatically register for both Fall and Winter term. Because of this, fees for both terms are reflected in your account.

Only fall term fees are paid in the fall. The remaining balance on your account indicates your winter term fees. These fees do not need to be paid until the beginning of winter term.

Because summer term registration happens separately, only summer term fees will appear on your student account in May of each year.

What Is Covered by the Fellowship, and What Do I need to Pay?

All items on your student account will be paid automatically by your York Fellowship and/or applicable scholarships and awards. There is no action needed on your part – this process is completely automatically at the beginning of each term.

It’s important to note that there are two categories of fees that, while paid automatically by surplus funds in your student account, are not covered by the York Fellowship and/or applicable scholarships and awards. In other words, the Fellowship is not indexed to account for the following fees:

  • Referenda Fees (approximately $xx per term)
  • Registration Fees (approximately $15 per term)

An Overview Of Your SFS Table

Your student account is grouped into a single table on the Transactions page. The following columns appear:

  • Posting Date – the date to which an item has been posted to your account
  • Action – The type of posting
  • Description – A more fulsome description of the type of posting
  • Amount – The debited/credit amount of an item
  • Cumulative Balance – The overall balance in your account
  • Statement Appearing On – Text TBA

Here are some common items you may see on your student account:

Referenda Fees

Referenda fees are in addition to tuition and ancillary fees to the Registrar’s Office, and must be paid by the student. Surplus funds in a student’s account will be used to cover these fees, either through the York Fellowship or other scholarships and awards. These are fees voted on by students and include items such as supporting the Excalibur student paper, the York University Graduate Students’ Association (YUGSA), Community and Legal Aid Services Program (CLASP), and many others.

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York Fellowship

Text TBA

Registration Fee

Text TBA

Graduate Funding: Fellowships and Awards vs. Employment

Funding is offered to eligible full-time graduate students in order to support their graduate career. A student’s funding package may consist of one or more of the following internal and external funding sources: awards, fellowships, scholarships, teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or graduate assistantships.

Funding is contingent on continuous registration as a full-time student, continued satisfactory performance in the program and fulfillment of any funding-related employment obligations.

Please note: Funding offered through fellowships and awards has different processes and stipulations than funding offered through employment.

Receiving Funds

How do I receive my funds?

The following table illustrates how you receive your funding as a graduate student.

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I have just received my paystub for the TA work that I have performed but it is unclear. How do I read and understand my paystub?

The following sample paystub provides a general overview of what amounts students are eligible to receive from their contracts. It also includes information on all statutory deductions. The overall amount may vary from month to month depending on the contracts that are in effect. For any questions or concerns, students are encouraged to connect with their Graduate Program Assistant.

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