Call for Papers: 10th Annual Critical Disability Studies Student Association Conference

Call for papers for 10th Annual CDSSA conference

“Disability and Intersectionality: Practices, Theories, and Frameworks”
(CDSSA, York University, Toronto, Canada; 8-9 April, 2015)

Keynote Speaker:
Our keynote address will be delivered by Dr Nirmala Erevelles (University of Alabama), a leading scholar in the areas of disability and intersectionality.

Conference Theme:
“Disability and Intersectionality: Practices, Theories, and Frameworks” invites you to consider the multiple possibilities and complications of intersectionality. Intersectionality has been hailed as an analytic framethat allows for a more nuanced understanding of how oppression and privileges are distributed (Yuval Davis 2006, p. 201). According to Catherine Mackinnon, “intersectionality both notices and contends with the realities of multiple inequalities as it thinks about “the interaction of” those inequalities in a way that captures the distinctive dynamics at their multidimensionalinterface” (Crenshaw 1989, 140).The CDSSA feels that intersectionality is a concept researchers need to engage with in their work and which facilitates contestation of normative discourses and practices.

Possible themes of conference papers may include (but are not limited to);

  • The possibilities and potential shortcomings of applying a framework of intersectionality in critical disability studies;
  • Intersectionality as a way of complicating notions of disability and impairment;
  • Tensions that may arise between intersectionality as a framework and other concepts in critical disability studies;
  • Applications of intersectionality to the history of disability;
  • Intersectionality and mobilizing for social and political change;
  • Intersectionality as a critique of identity politics and past or current disability movements;
  • Genealogies of intersectionality;
  • Intersectional genealogies of disability;
  • The compatibility between intersectionality and other theories of domination, such a Marxist/queer/ feminist/critical race theories;
  • Intersectionality as a critique of neoliberal, capitalist, patriarchal, and other expressions of ableist ideologies;
  • Intersectionality and dominant forms of knowledge;
  • Intersectionality and the body;
  • Intersectionality and epistemology

Interested applicants should submit a short 250-300 word abstract as a word document or PDF by 20th January 2015 to

If you have any questions about the application process please do not hesitate to e-mail us.

For more information about the conference and for guidelines on how to write an abstract, please visit the CDDSA website: