Communicating Science Effectively: Lightning Round Teaching in the Lab

There are many unique challenges for TAs in a laboratory based science course. Between ensuring students are on task and performing each step properly, checking flow sheets, and ensuring the safety of everyone in the room, it can be difficult to make meaningful connections with students and aid in their understanding of underlying concepts they need to know for future success in their field. The window for delivering a pre-lab talk is often very limited. Although science students are there to improve their technical skills, the laboratory component should also complement the lecture component, providing new and exciting learning opportunities.

This workshop will introduce science TAs to methods for presenting scientific ideas to undergraduate students. The goals of the workshop are to improve pre-lab talks, provide the means to effectively structure and organize time in the lab, provide tips on using visual aids effectively, and give TAs an opportunity to discuss their positive and negative experiences related to teaching in the laboratory setting.

Facilitated by: Alex Bicket, Senior Teaching Assistant in the Department of Biology