From Dissertation to Book — & the Book Prospectus

November 12, 2015 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Kaneff Tower 519
Faculty of Graduate Studies

Join three representatives from the University of Toronto Press (UTP) for a workshop on translating a dissertation to a book manuscript and preparing a book prospectus for an academic press.

Once the hurdle of the dissertation and defense are achieved, what’s next? The translation of the dissertation into a book or monograph is perhaps the most important event in the life of the dissertation, yet this process is too often left to individual trial and error, rather than formal training or strategic planning in consultation with experts. This workshop will address issues such as: how do you find the book within your dissertation? What questions does the dissertation ask that need to be answered in a new project? How are demands around language, structure, and tone different in a book project in contrast with a dissertation project? What is involved in writing the book prospectus?

Presenters: Douglas Hildebrand, Daniel Quinlan and Eric Carlson, UTP (University of Toronto Press).