Writing for and Publishing in Academic Journals (Humanities/Social Sciences)

Publishing in scholarly journals is an important way of disseminating your research and gaining the intellectual capital that you need to succeed on the academic job market. Learn how, when and what to publish, and what to expect.

Publishing your research in journals is not just a way to demonstrate your research proficiency, fill your C.V., and gain status in your field—it’s also a way to enter the scholarly conversation, and to communicate your knowledge to the wider world.  Join us and find out from our panel how and why students publish their research, and how to create an effective publication plan that will serve you well now and when you’re searching for a job. Our panel of experienced professors and student advisors will tackle the big questions, and any you have along the way:

  • Why publish?
  • When should I publish my work?
  • What and how much should I publish? Is there such a thing as too much?
  • How do I know which journals I should to submit to?
  • Are edited collections equal to refereed journals in terms of impact on my C.V.?
  • How does double-blind peer review work, and how long does the process take?