Curriculum Development

Note: Proposal procedures and approvals will differ depending on your Faculty and the status of its graduate curriculum committee. Please contact Wesley Moir, Academic Affairs Officer for more information. Archived graduate forms for courses and minor modifications are accessible at Curriculum Development - Archived.

These guidelines and procedures are intended to support the review and approval process with respect to curriculum development, from changes to existing graduate courses to the development of new graduate programs.

Submission and Review/Approval Process

The initial review and approval of proposals for new courses, changes to existing courses, and changes to program/graduate diploma academic requirements (including admission requirements) begins at the program level, in accordance with program procedures. Once approved at the program level, these proposals should be forwarded to the appropriate resource Faculty personnel for consideration by the relevant Faculty-level committee(s).

Resource Faculty Procedures/Contact

A formal Notice of Intention must be submitted prior to the development of proposals for major modifications, new fields, diplomas or degree programs.

Submission of a Notice of Intention form does not constitute a formal proposal, and will not be judged from that standpoint. It is intended to facilitate early consultations so that any proposal that is ultimately developed benefits from the expertise of others delivering complementary programs, avoids direct competition with or duplication of existing programs, and enables a preliminary assessment of resource implications. For further details regarding the Notice of Intention process and requirements, please visit York University’s Quality Assurance Procedures (YUQAP).

Proposal Timelines/Deadlines

Curriculum proposals must be submitted according to the timelines/deadlines of the relevant Faculty-level committee(s). Please note that, regardless of the submission date, the effective date of curriculum proposals will ultimately be determined by the date of final approval, including consideration of whether or not student registration/enrolment decisions have been informed by published requirements.

Note: Proposals submitted after your resource Faculty’s submission deadline(s) may not receive final approval to take effect in, or may fall outside of the normal room allocation process for, the desired academic year. Curriculum and academic standards proposals must be approved by Senate by no later than the February meeting for implementation at the Registrarial level. Please refer to your resource Faculty’s procedures/contact outlined above for more information.

Curriculum proposals must receive Senate approval by April 30 in order to be published in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar for that upcoming academic year. Graduate Program Directors and Graduate Diploma Coordinators will be contacted by FGS in the winter term to confirm Calendar copy. Requested changes outside of the Calendar timeline will be assessed for feasibility where possible.

Faculty of Graduate Studies Support

Academic Planning and Policy Committee

The Faculty of Graduate Studies Council provides a pan-university forum for graduate programming and student research, and a platform of exchange for oversight and advocacy on graduate matters.

Through its Academic Planning and Policy Committee (APPC), APPC serves in a consultative capacity for the development of graduate curriculum – including graduate courses, program modifications, and new graduate degrees, diplomas and fields – to establish and maintain uniformly high standards of graduate education.

Proponents may seek consultation and development support from this pan-university committee whose structure includes faculty members, graduate students, and FGS decanal and staff members. Benefits include:

  • Program development insight and guidance
  • Policy considerations
  • Assistance liaising with relevant bodies

Curriculum proposals seeking APPC consultation may contact Michael Schiff, Coordinator, Faculty Governance at to request inclusion on an upcoming agenda. APPC normally meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month throughout the year, and proposals must be received at least one week in advance for consideration.

FGS Acknowledgement and Staff Support

Through Kuali — York’s Curriculum Management System – FGS staff review course proposals for information.

FGS’ service commitment for response is 10 business day’s following receipt of a curriculum proposal. If it is deemed that further review is recommended, proposals will be shared with FGS’ Associate Dean Academic for feedback. The primary purpose of review is to flag items for consideration that may be raised through the collegial governance process, including its intersection with FGS and Senate regulations.

For support in the preparation of Course and Minor Modification proposals, please contact M. Michael Schiff, Coordinator, Faculty Governance –

For support in the preparation of Major Modifications, New Graduate Fields, New Graduate Diplomas, or New Graduate Degree Programs, please contact Wesley Moir, Academic Affairs Officer.