Transition to Click Dimensions and CRM

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is committed to providing graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and staff with an informative and respectful email communications experience. Beginning fall 2015, and with the support of University Information Technology (UIT) and the Division of Students, FGS has adopted a new bulk email software to communicate important registrarial information, funding, general updates and events to the graduate community.


Supported centrally by UIT, the Click Dimensions email marketing system is hosted under Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management). FGS is phasing out Constant Contact, our previous email marketing system.

Please visit Click Dimensions & CRM for more information.



We recognize and understand that you receive a substantial amount of emails from various parties. Our goal is to be a leader in email communications on campus and to ensure that all mass emails from FGS are of high quality and respectful in quantity. To that end, we have developed FGSnews – a monthly e-newsletter that is modern, student-centric and conveys important information tailored to the needs of our community.

FGSnews will be released on the last Thursday of each month – 12 editions annually – to help keep you informed while significantly limiting the amount of direct emails you receive.

Direct Emails to Students

Throughout the year, students will periodically receive mass emails directly from FGS. These will address key items pertaining to their graduate experience i.e. Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) application information, registration and enrollment details, tuition updates, etc. Such emails will be limited in quantity.

Impact on GPAs and GPDs

As was standard practice, as GPAs and GPDs, you would receive a substantial amount of direct emails from FGS and asked to share them with your students. We recognize that keeping up with them was difficult, it was difficult to sort through those you were expected to act on, and it was difficult to find relevant emails later on through all of the clutter.

With this collective plan effective fall 2015, the GPA and GPD listservs will be used solely to address information that warrants a direct email. All other information will be incorporated into either the GPA and GPD section of FGSnews, or readily available throughout the rest of the e-newsletter.

Benefits for GPAs and GPDs

  • Less Email – Projected 65% reduction in the amount of emails you receive from FGS
  • Less Work – No need to curate through multiple emails to find/send your students what you feel is relevant to them
  • More Clarity – Increases the chances of a reduction in the duplication of emails sent, whether it be from various faculty, staff or other campus divisions
  • Modern and Responsive E-Newsletter Design – Intuitive look and feel of new e-newsletter helps direct students to information they are interested in
  • More Opportunities for Promotion – Greater access and visibility for those interested in promoting announcements and events, via the e-newsletter
  • Engagement Opportunities – Recipients have a medium to promote their photography and creativity, and to participate in promotions, via the e-newsletter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is FGSnews?

FGSnews is a monthly e-newsletter that covers all things grad studies at York University. It is replacing GS News, which was a weekly publication highlighting graduate success stories.

3 separate versions will be released: one for students, one for postdoctoral fellows, and one for faculty and staff.

When is the e-newsletter released to the community?

The e-newsletter will be released on the last Thursday of every month, with content previewing the upcoming month.

What content will be included?

FGSnews is an information-based publication highlighting important updates impacting the graduate experience. It is organized under five broad categories:

  • Important Information
  • Student Finances
  • Upcoming Events
  • Enhancing your Experience
  • Community News and Helpful Resources

The template design also incorporates visuals and reader promotions, in addition to upcoming deadlines.

Am I expected to share this e-newsletter or any of the content with my students?

Not necessarily. As faculty and staff you will receive your own version of the e-newsletter with unique information contained in a section titled “To GPAs and GPDs only.” However your version of FGSnews will also include everything a student receives so you are aware of the content being shared with them.

However, you can further share an item via your listserv if you feel it is of great importance to your group i.e. a donor award application that has direct relevance to your program.

Can students unsubscribe from receiving FGSnews?

Yes, but it is not encouraged. By law, we are required to provide an opt out mechanism, however this has a number of implications for students that are outlined at Communications Preferences.

The following warning is stated: "Please note that if you send such an opt out email, you will not receive emails from FGS: you may not receive important information related to such processes as registration, enrolment, tuition and funding, including relevant deadlines. York cannot be held responsible for your failure to adhere to such important processes and deadlines if you choose to opt out of email communication."

GS News used to primarily feature stories and research successes in long form. Will that continue?

The repurposed FGSnews will be an information-based publication, meaning content will primarily revolve around important registrarial information, in addition to funding, upcoming events at York, professional development, and important dates. Essentially, FGSnews is a tool recipients can use to help plan their upcoming month by forecasting relevant grad-related items that may impact them or be of interest to them.

With the revamped FGS website and social media channels, research and success stories will continue to be shared primarily using those channels.

Can I contribute content?

Yes! Please send an email to Content is due 3 days before the last Thursday of every month. This ensures that FGS has enough time to build and vet all content prior to distribution.

What if I don’t have all my event details in time for the submission deadline?

Simply provide us with a link to your event so you can update information there once it is received and/or confirmed. We also encourage you to connect with Christopher Douris to share updates that appeal to a broad audience for promotion via our social media channels.

Can FGS share an announcement to all graduate students through email on my behalf?

We have designed FGSnews in a way that enables campus divisions and programs to effectively promote their events and opportunities to the graduate community. Direct emails to students are reserved solely for key items pertaining to their graduate experience, and will be limited in quantity. (Please see the section Direct Emails to Students, above)

We encourage you to make use of FGSnews for email promotions outside of your program, in addition to sharing such content for use on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.