Student Finances


Student Finances provides information and support pertaining to funding sources available to assist graduate students throughout their academic careers.

  • Provide oversight and advocacy for all graduate student funding, teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships and research assistantships, ensuring all payments adhere to CA regulations, faculty regulations and university commitments
  • Administer funds provided to graduate programs to assist with events and services
  • Provide scholarship and award information to programs including application (deadlines, formatting), eligibility and availability of awards
  • Provide up-to-date bursary information including, deadlines for applications, competition information and eligibility
  • Disseminate information pertaining to various research/fieldwork and conference funding available

Please connect with us for assistance relating to funding and financial support.


Student Finances

Ida CondottaFinancial Officercondotta@yorku.ca33305
Dilanee Don LiyanageGraduate Funding and Finance Analystdilanee@yorku.ca45269
Irina MikhailyukGraduate Funding and Finance Analystmikhir@yorku.ca60468
Stephanie WongGraduate Funding Advisorwongs@yorku.ca77831
Sandra YiuGraduate Funding Advisorsyiu@yorku.ca70203