FGS Nominating Committee By-Election: Biographical Statements November-December 2016

Faculty Members' Biographical Statements

Academic Planning & Policy Committee

Sylvia Bawa (Graduate Programs in Development Studies and Sociology)

I am an Assistant Professor in Sociology. My PhD, Sociology, is from Queen’s University and my research interests revolve around issues of globalization, postcolonial theory and feminisms, socio-economic inequality and women’s rights. I am affiliated with the Centre for Feminist Research, the Harriet Tubman Institute and the Centre for Refugee Studies at York. I am a participating faculty member in African Studies and the Graduate Program in Development Studies at York. I currently serve on the Graduate Program in Sociology's Curriculum Committee, Appointments Committee and Tenure and Promotion Committee.

Fuminori Toyasaki (Graduate Program in Disaster & Emergency Management)

My main research interests consist of two major areas: closed-loop supply chains and humanitarian logistics. I have pursued the two different research subject areas from crossover perspectives, including operations management, engineering, economics, accounting and finance.

In service, I have worked as an active member staff of many different school level committees, including the Master of Science in Management plan for York University’s new Markham Campus, the Tenure and Promotion Committee, the Research Committee, the File Preparation Committee for Tenure & Promotion, and as course coordinator for ADMS 3330.