FGS Nominating Committee Election: Biographical Statements August 2017

Faculty Members' Biographical Statements

Awards Committee (1 to be elected)


Ahmed ElDyasti (Graduate Programs in Civil Engineering, Earth & Space Science, and Mechanical Engineering)

Dr. ElDyasti is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Lassonde School of Engineering, York University. Dr. ElDyasti received his BSc in Construction & Building Engineering from Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport, Alexandria, Egypt in 2002. He then obtained his MSc degree in Environmental Engineering from Arab Academy for Science & Technology & Maritime Transport, Cairo, Egypt in 2006. Dr. ElDyasti holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Environment and Sustainability) from Western University in 2013.

Dr. ElDyasti's research interests include waste and wastewater treatment encompassing both liquid and biosolids treatment from research and application perspectives focusing on biological municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, biological nutrient removal, biofilm and bioparticles processes, ultrafiltration and microfiltration processes, waste-to-energy processes for bioenergy, and renewable energy. He has significant experience in developing different innovative technologies for renewable energy production and chemical recovery from municipal and industrial waste streams.

Dr. ElDyasti has received several distinguished awards, including Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS); Julie Lassonde Scholarship for Green Technologies and Processes; Ross and Jean Clark scholarship; Graduate Thesis Research Award (GTRA); Industrial MITACS accelerated fellowship. He also was recognized in a number of conferences/workshops, including Top Poster in 9th-2012 ANNUAL Earth Day Colloquium; Top Seminar Presentation in 61st Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (CSChE 2011); Top Seminar Presentation in 4th Particle Technology Research CentreĀ Conference (PTRC-2011). As an early-career researcher, Dr. ElDyasti has published 2 book chapters and more than 40 journals and conference papers.

Danielle Robinson (Graduate Programs in Communication & Culture, Dance, and Theatre & Performance Studies)

Danielle Robinson, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Dance who researches the cross-cultural movement of popular dances within the Americas. Her book, Modern Moves: Dancing Race during the Ragtime and Jazz Eras (Oxford University Press, 2015), examines how competing notions of modernity were embodied in early twentieth-century social dancing and the nascent dance industry that supported it. More recently, she is co-leading her second SSHRC-funded collaborative, interdisciplinary research project in Bahia, Brazil. This project explores the nationalist nostalgia embedded in this regionā€™s June harvest festivals and entangled post-colonial racial discourse and representation. During her sabbatical year, she received a Leverhulme Trust Visiting Fellowship at the University of Chichester (UK) to incubate this project.

Danielle has worked interdisciplinarily since arriving at York in 2005. She is appointed to the Communication & Culture graduate program and served for three years as its MA Coordinator. In this role, she served on the executive committee and chaired admissions and scholarship committees. She is also appointed to the Theatre & Performance Studies graduate program and served on its executive committee for almost a decade. Furthermore, she has served on the executives of two different research centers: the Tubman Institute (for Research on the Global Migrations of African Peoples) and CERLAC (Center for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean). Finally, within her home faculty of AMPD, she has often served on the Awards and Research committees, and within FGS, she has served on both the Vanier Application Development Committee as well as the SSHRC-OGS Adjudication Committee.