Administrative Responsibilities


Incoming graduate students are encouraged to complete all applicable administrative responsibilities as soon as possible in order to assist the transition process.

Passport York

Passport York is York’s primary method of online authentication – You must sign up for your Passport York username and password to log in to York’s online services for students. While at York, students can have the same Passport York username throughout their academic period.

Please visit Computing Services – Passport York for more information.

Email Account

Students can have a centrally-supported email account, called MyMail. This account may be used for official correspondence and may also be required for some courses. You may forward this email address to a personal email address, but if you do you are responsible for ensuring that you can receive any forwarded messages.

Please visit Computing Services – Email for more information.


The YU-card is York University's official photo identification and campus debit card -- it's the one card you need to access key services such as the Library, recreation facilities, exams, food, meal plans, shopping, events, discounts and more.

Please visit YU-card for more information.


All community members and visitors are required to pay for parking while on campus.  You may either purchase a parking permit or pay the daily fee at our visitor lots/garages.  With approximately 9200 parking spaces, the Keele and Glendon campuses are comprised of 32 various lots/garages. They include permit only, visitor, and mixed usage lots.

Please visit Parking Services for more information.


Keys issued to occupants and users of University facilities, including offices, laboratories, rooms and other interior areas of buildings remain the property of York University and must not be duplicated.  Keys are issued only to those persons who require access to space as part of their University responsibilities.

Please visit Security Services for more information.