Postdoctoral Fellows

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Postdoctoral Fellows are a vital part of York University’s research community and are critical to the achievement of York’s strategic priorities and the goal of research intensification. Postdoctoral Fellows demonstrate their status as emerging research leaders in their fields through the impact they have on and across York’s research centres and programs, and also on national and international academic communities.

image of the postdoc handbook cover showing postdoctoral fellows socializingPostdoctoral Handbook & Webpages

This handbook is your guide to resources available to York postdocs through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and at York more broadly. Please review it for information about postdoctoral affairs at York, along with the content found on these webpages.

  • The procedures for seeking a position as a Postdoctoral Fellow at York University are described in our Procedures section.
  • Current and prospective Postdoctoral Fellows interested in seeking funding opportunities should review the list of awards and fellowships listed in our Funding Opportunities section.
  • York's Faculty of Graduate Studies provides a range of support and services for Postdoctoral Fellows, including:
    • Assistance with developing and submitting applications for postdoctoral funding to be held at York University
    • Advising on funding opportunities and career development issues;
    • Assistance with orientation and connecting with organizations and resources at York;
    • An annual orientation session and networking event for Postdoctoral Fellows;
    • A monthly e-newsletter specifically for York Postdoctoral Fellows that lists information about funding opportunities and upcoming research and professional development events of particular interest to York Fellows (*If you do not receive this newsletter and would like to be added to the distribution list, please contact the Postdoctoral Services Coordinator.)