About York


York boasts teachers and researchers making remarkable discoveries and contributions to knowledge each and every day.

With one of the largest and finest cohorts of graduate students in the country, York’s Faculty of Graduate Studies has the resources and ambition to provide the strong administrative and financial support that is necessary to facilitate a first-rate student experience.

York offers academic excellence, diversity and social relevance with 50+ full- and part-time graduate degree programs, specialized graduate diploma programs, innovative joint programs, and a number of dual-degree programs. Exceptional programs in humanities, social sciences, business, science, fine arts, health and the environment help facilitate lifelong achievements and partnerships.


Innovation. Research. Impact.

To excel in your field, you need the strong foundation that comes from rigorous scholarship, the motivation that comes from passionate mentors, the stability that comes from solid academic and financial support and the freedom that comes from diverse perspectives and plenty of room to think beyond conventions.

At York University, you’ll find your footing in a community of like-minded learners pushing the boundaries of knowledge to make excellence and equity matter in the wider world. Build your skills, sharpen your insights, make an impact.

Points of Pride

Research Impact

  • Higher Education Strategy Associates ranked York one of the top 10 universities in Canada for research impact.
  • A total of $18.9 million in research grants awarded by the SSHRC and partners and $9.8 million from NSERC speak to this significance.
  • York boasts 25 active Fellows of the Royal Society of Canada, including one of the youngest to be inducted, the poet and scholar Priscila Uppal, as well as an allocation of 36 Canada Research Chairs and 28 Distinguished Research Professors.
  • Work at 24 interdisciplinary research centres and institutes is pushing the boundaries of knowledge further every day, whether at the world-renowned York Centre for Vision Research, the Nathanson Centre on Transnational Human Rights, Crime & Security, or the cutting-edge Sensorium: Centre for Digital Arts & Technology.


  • As one of the 20 greenest universities in the world, York is proud to house the first Faculty of Environmental Studies in Canada, and to offer a specialized MBA in Business & Sustainability.
  • York researchers in Science and in Engineering are leaders in environmental and sustainability research, investigating air composition, climate change and Arctic sea ice.
  • In early 2015, five York alumni were included on the Corporate Knights Top 30 Under 30 list of leaders with a proven track record in sustainable development.
  • The Las Nubes Project in Costa Rica aims to protect rainforest biodiversity and foster sustainable development in local communities, including coffee plantations.

Innovative Programs and State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • Enhance your skills with unique professional programs in Disaster & Emergency Management, Financial Accountability, Human Resources Management and Information Systems & Technology.
  • Study with the best in globally top-ranked programs in Earth & Space Science & Engineering, Education, English, Geography, History, Law, Philosophy, Physics and Psychology, or in our Biological and Computer Vision labs.
  • Join the finely equipped, cross‑disciplinary School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design, with programs located at the convergence of art, science and technology.
  • Use 120,000 sq. ft. of labs for advanced biomedical and cellular imaging in the four-storey Life Sciences Building.
  • Shape the future in the iconic 169,000-sq. ft. Bergeron Centre for Engineering Excellence.

Make your degree your own at York University, and join the ranks of more than 300,000 proud alumni worldwide.


Toronto is one of Canada’s most beautiful urban environments and a great city in which students can learn and grow.

Whether you are a Torontonian for life or a temporary resident while you complete your degree, you will find everything you need in this “city of neighbourhoods.”

Half of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada and more than 100 languages and dialects are spoken here. In addition, it’s the cultural and financial hub of Canada. The Toronto International Film Festival regularly features the work of York graduates and Toronto companies employ 232,000 people in the financial sector. Conduct research with science innovators, audition for a Broadway-bound musical, feature your art in a gallery or climb the ladder of financial trading on Bay Street — with a population of 2.6 million, Toronto has it all.

Please visit seetorontonow.com to learn more about our amazing city.

Students working in the Laser Lab

York is changing the way people think about everything from bees to the role of digital media in crises, patient‑centred care, climate change and women in engineering.

Join a community of scholars and researchers engaged with their fields as much as with the world at large. York’s 11 Faculties and 27 research centres conduct ambitious, groundbreaking research that cuts across traditional academic boundaries. Our distinctive and collaborative approach to research is preparing students for the future and bringing fresh insights and solutions to local and global challenges.

Excellence in research is central to York University’s mission and is fundamental to the university’s ability to contribute to the economic, scientific, cultural and social health of our society. Research at York takes place in every discipline and spans the full spectrum of programs from the pure and applied sciences through business, law, and the humanities and social sciences.

Knowledge Mobilization

Do you want your research and scholarship to reach beyond the confines of the university and make a difference in the world?

York is a recognized leader in Knowledge Mobilization (KM), which makes research useful to society by maximizing its social, environmental and economic impact. How does it work? By matching researchers and students in all disciplines with partners from the public, private and non-profit sectors, enabling transformation in policy or professional practice. York also leads ResearchImpact, Canada’s knowledge mobilization network, which includes 10 other renowned universities.

Innovation York

Looking for support with entrepreneurship, commercialization or industry partnerships? Innovation York is the commercialization and industry liaison unit for York University. It can assist you in creating innovative research projects and in effectively translating your research outcomes. Innovation York provides an integrated suite of services for the York research community to create a culture of industry-engaged research and to help realize its commercial, economic and social potential.

The York University Magazine

The York University Magazine is York’s alumni publication. With a circulation of more than 240,000, the magazine features an array of exciting research projects and success stories led by York community members. Read the latest edition at The York University Magazine.


Innovation and impact on a global scale are built right into York’s foundations.

Our two campuses, one of them fully bilingual, cater to the needs of a diverse, international student body, offering top-quality education and training for future thought leaders in Canada and beyond.

A third campus, in development in Markham, Ontario, will focus on professional degrees and workplace-based learning. With exchange partners around the world at more than 150 institutions, including a research centre for neotropical conservation in the Costa Rican rainforest and a Schulich MBA program in India, York has emerged as a leader in Canada for transnational research collaborations and international internship placements.

Keele Campus

Located 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, the self-contained campus forms a hub for research and knowledge production with more than 50,000 students, 10 Faculties, 4 libraries, 24 research centres, state-of-the-art labs, classrooms and studios. You will also find the services you need to support your academic success, amenities such as a mall, restaurants and athletic facilities, as well as the Faculty of Graduate Studies, your partner in all concerns grad school.

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Glendon Campus

Home to the renowned School of Public & International Affairs, the first bilingual institution of its kind in Canada, the beautiful, intimate Glendon Campus in mid-town Toronto, with only 2,700 students, proves that big ideas can emerge from small places. Fluency in French prior to arrival is not required.

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York reflects the energy and vibrancy of Toronto, the most cosmopolitan city in Canada.

From theatres and art galleries, clubs and student programs, to restaurants and pubs, sport and student government – we’ve got it all. Our incredible range of extracurricular activities will help you meet people, have fun and enhance the skills and attitudes you need to forge your own unique path to success.

Supporting Your Success Beyond the Classroom

Successful graduate studies begin with meticulous training in a specific discipline. But they do not end there. To forge your ultimate career path — whether inside or outside academia — you will need high-quality, meaningful professional skills to supplement your scholarly expertise. At York, we are dedicated to providing you with a diversified toolkit for success.

Graduate Professional Skills (GPS)

Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) helps you discover and prepare for your career by linking you to workshops, seminars and courses led by university and industry experts. Areas of training range from teaching, thesis writing, publishing and public speaking to entrepreneurship, community engagement and social media. Options at your fingertips, whether you're in a professional or a research degree.

Teaching Commons

The Teaching Commons is a network of colleagues supporting the teaching work of graduate students at all levels by exploring and sharing teaching and learning innovation at York.

Choose York for a Whole New Outlook on Life

York is a leader in Canada for international research collaborations and opportunities for graduate students to increase their global knowledge and skills.

York International administers more than 110 exchange programs and dozens of internships at internationally focused NGOs and supports York faculty while they deliver courses around the globe to provide international opportunities to students.

Find your Community

York University is home to over 300 student clubs and organizations that fall under various categories including Academic, Advocacy, Charitable, Environmental, Faith-based, Hobby, Political, Professional, and Sports. As well, you can join more than 6,000 York graduate students in York University's Graduate Students' Association (YUGSA) to improve learning, teaching and working environments and to advance accessibility, social justice and equity.

Please visit YU Connect for an overview of campus clubs and events. Graduate-specific organizations can be found at Prospective Students - Graduate Student Organizations.


Graduate school provides crucial skills sought by employers in diverse fields.

Skills include: oral and written communication; independent, innovative thinking; public speaking; collaboration; time and project management; qualitative and quantitative analysis; research and synthesis.

Grad school also offers you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of a specific subject; pursue answers to important research questions that could change your field, your community, or your world; and develop a host of in-demand attributes that will help you succeed inside and outside of the university.

Personal Advantagespersonal-advantage

  • The opportunity to immerse yourself in a field, focus on a subject that you really care about, and work toward your professional goals.
  • The chance to engage with and learn from a community that is as passionate about your field as you are.
  • The opportunity to foster lasting friendships and professional relationships with your fellow grad students.
  • The freedom to work independently and be self-directed.
  • The satisfaction of challenging yourself intellectually.
  • The enjoyment found in watching yourself develop new skills and abilities.

Career Advantages


  • People with graduate degrees have the lowest level of unemployment, the most stable employment rate, and the best employment prospects of any group since the 2008 recession.
  • In addition to specialized knowledge, graduate school provides you with crucial skills that employers seek: oral and written communication, teamwork, public speaking, time and project management, collaboration, community engagement and outreach, critical thinking, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and so many more.
  • Graduate school opens the door to careers in every field. York’s graduate students have gone on to become leading researchers and teachers, the head of the Canadian Space Agency, the host of a program on Discovery Channel, the CEO of Cineplex, the Chief Planner of the City of Toronto, the Deputy Fire Chief for the City of Vaughan, and the Chief Justice of Ontario.
  • As a graduate student at York, you have access to a wide variety of professional development workshops and seminars, on everything from teaching to entrepreneurship, taught by specialists from across campus and across the country. Please visit Graduate & Postdoctoral Professional Skills (GPPS) for more information.

Academic Advantages


  • The chance to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and positive change as a researcher.
  • The opportunity to work with the experts in your field, and to become one yourself.
  • The potential to contribute to scholarly dialogue and community building through attending conferences and publishing.
  • The ability to focus closely on a research question that you’re dying to answer.
  • The opportunity to obtain highly-regarded academic and professional credentials that will set you on the path to the career you want inside or outside of academia.

Program Types

  • Choose a Master’s degree, of usually one or two years, to gain advanced knowledge in a field and take on positions of greater responsibility in your future career.
  • Choose a Professional Master’s degree — in Law, Business, Social Work, Human Resources Management, Disaster & Emergency Management, Critical Disability Studies, Financial Accountability, Public & International Affairs, or Public Policy, Administration & Law — to emphasize the practical application of advanced knowledge and skills.
  • Choose a Doctoral degree to spend four to six years on advanced, original research in a specialized academic field.

Diploma Options

A graduate diploma denotes specialization in an area, gained through intensive graduate-level study. It supplements an already established area of study or expertise and adds value and interdisciplinary perspective to a degree.

  • Concurrent diploma programs allow you to explore one aspect of a field in depth while pursuing your master’s or doctoral degree.
  • Stand-alone, direct-entry diploma programs provide the occasion to pursue graduate-level studies in a specialized area without completing a full graduate degree.

Joint Programs

York allows you to do things differently. Add impact to your graduate studies by crossing disciplinary lines through joint program offerings, including:

  • The Schulich School of Business and programs in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design
  • The Faculty of Environmental Studies and Osgoode Hall Law School
  • Osgoode Hall and the graduate program in Philosophy
  • Ancient Greek & Roman History at York University and the University of Toronto
  • Communication & Culture at York University and Ryerson University

Please visit Graduate Programs for a comprehensive overview of all York's program options.