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Supporting the professional development of our graduate students in a multifaceted way drives the mission of Graduate Studies at York and is key to creating success. Our commitment is to ensure that you have all the tools you need to succeed within and beyond the academic world. York University currently offers a variety of professional development opportunities.


York University Libraries is an innovative and diverse learning organization, one that is central to the York University community and one in which dynamic intellectual exchange is fostered and welcomed.

Keele campus’ five libraries offer a robust collection — books, print periodicals, theses, archival material, maps, films and music CDs. We have more than 2.6 million printed volumes, 600,000 e-books and 72,000 full-text electronic journals.

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Graduate & Postdoctoral Professional Skills (GPPS) is your guide to graduate student professional development opportunities at York University. It helps you map out your path through graduate school and beyond, and provides you with the training and skills you’ll need to succeed at every stage of your graduate and professional journey, from the moment you accept your offer of admission to the moment you accept your first post-degree job.

Whether you’re in a professional or research degree, aiming for a career in academia our outside, working towards a Master’s or a PhD, a graduate student or a postdoctoral fellow, GPPS is your route to workshops, seminars, and courses led by university and industry experts that will help you develop in-demand skills and expertise. From teaching to thesis writing, engaging the community to entrepreneurship, publishing to public speaking, social media to sorting out what career is right for you, GPPS has you covered.

Please visit Current Students - Graduate & Postdoctoral Professional Skills (GPPS) for more information.

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic competition developed by The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia.3MT (Three Minute Thesis) is a research communication competition, developed by the University of Queensland, Australia, where graduate students have 3 minutes or less to present their research and its impact to a panel of non-specialist judges and peers. The exercise develops academic, presentation, and research communication skills. It also supports the development of research students' capacity to effectively explain their research in language appropriate to an intelligent but non-specialist audience.

The first 3MT competition was held at University of Queensland in 2008 with 160 graduate students competing. Enthusiasm for the 3MT concept grew and its adoption in numerous universities led to the development of an international competition in 2010. York University has participated in the Canadian competition since its inception in 2013.

Please visit Current Students – 3MT for more information.


The Teaching Commons brings together like-minded individuals who are interested in exploring and sharing teaching and learning innovation across York University. The Teaching Commons team is based in TEL 1050 and maintains a virtual presence via our website and Moodle courses. More than a presence, we are a network of colleagues, collaborations and projects, working across and within Faculties and Support Services.

The Teaching Commons endeavours to support the teaching work of Graduate Students at all levels. Whether you are new to York University and new to teaching or if you are a Graduate Student preparing to teach your very own course, then we have something for you.

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Effective writing allows us to articulate, expand and clarify our thoughts. In university, writing is the main means by which students engage thoughtfully with course themes and communicate their ideas to their instructors. At York University, we recognize the importance of effective writing and also how challenging writing can be. Through its individual writing instruction and its group seminars, the Writing Centre helps students to become successful and confident writers.

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As part of the York community, the Career Centre is a team of professionals who work with students, alumni, staff, faculty, and employers to support students and new graduates (up to two years after graduation) in the development of career self-management skills.

York's Career Centre offers programs and services specifically tailored to graduate students. Workshops and one-on-one sessions such as Exploring Career Options for Graduate Students and PhD Job Search Support Sessions are specifically designed to help you get clarity about yourself and your career path and support you in your academic or non-academic job search. Our Dossier Service will store and forward transcripts and reference letters to support your applications for research grants, scholarships and academic job searches. The Centre also offers opportunities for you to meet alumni and employers who come to campus to share their insights, answer your questions, and provide career advice.

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