Vania Chan


PhD Candidate, Music

My Research

I’m investigating the psychological and cognitive implications in singing and the teaching of singing. I’m researching current and past writings in vocal pedagogy, as well studying the interdisciplinary work that has already been established between the fields of science and music. My dissertation is grounded in the notion that vocal pedagogy methods should be directly related to shaping the self-awareness of the voice student, instilling personal growth and developing the voice through self-regulatory learning techniques.

The studies I conduct will be aimed towards bridging the gap between theory and practical application; discovering and creating beneficial learning and teaching techniques that will aid both the student and teacher in monitoring and guiding the development of the voice.

Graduate Studies at York

My work involves a fusion of music and scientific knowledge, and York has always championed “interdisciplinary research”. It is an institution that encourages its students to be pioneers in new fields of thought, providing a supportive and cooperative environment. I appreciate and respect the music department’s flexible and broad educational structure with its wide variety of musical influences. It has allowed students to learn and grow in their own personal way.

Graduate work requires a lot of independent thought and study, yet at the same time the sharing of ideas can help further one’s research. York’s interdisciplinary stance promotes collaboration. The university offers a variety of graduate programs, and is home to a vast population of students and educators. Prospective graduate students would certainly benefit in being immersed in an environment that is so diverse and brimming with new and creative ideas.